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Can you make a second part to the Sam Wilkinson- Always Broken pretty please

Sure can I will start it! (:


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Daily Update! 10-13-14

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13/20 Never Again 2?

just so ya know my bed is allllwaaays open,(;


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I just finished Keep Me Safe, Check It Out!

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Keep Me Safe. (One Shot)

   I woke up at 5am on a cold fall morning to be at the airport. Me and my boyfriend Luke were going to Australia to visit his family. “C’mon babe we gotta leave in 20 minutes.” I yelled to Luke. “I know I am grabbing your bag to put it into the car.” he said walking past me. “Alright I am going to make one more sweep through the house to make sure we got everything we need.” I yelled as Luke walked to the car. Luke walked back in and grabbed the last bag, I grabbed both of our back packs and shut our door and locked it. I got into the passenger side of the car and waited for Luke to make his way into the driver’s seat. 

  “I am excited to see your family.” I say sweetly giving Luke’s hand a slight squeeze. “I know I am too, they will be happy to see us.” he responds with a smile. The ride to the airport was pretty short, we grabbed our bags and started to walk to the front doors. We walked through the automatic glass doors to the airport. “Where do we need to go?” I ask. “I fly quite a bit don’t worry we won’t get lost.” he says grabbing my hand. We started heading towards the right and a huge group of people were walking towards us. “I am nervous.” I say barely audible. “Don’t be you will be fine.” he says giving me a slight squeeze of my hand. 

  We got through security, the process was always so tedious and I always lost a lotion because it would be in my purse. We put our bags on the conveyer belt and watched them as they disappeared to be loaded onto the airplane. We sat on our social media as we waited.

  Twenty minutes went by, “Flight 125, first class can board.” I looked at Luke and watched as he stood up, we than took of and walked through the tunnel. “Can I sit near the window?” I asked sweetly. “Yes you sure can.” he replied. We sat down and I looked out the small oval window. I liked to watch as we elevated into the atmosphere. I liked to watch all of the buildings, trees, and people become meager and minuscule. I was thinking about what it would be like to see all the lights, and clouds at night, I especially liked it at night. You seemed so free like you’re floating into nothingness. 

  “Should we buy wifi?” Luke asks. “Uh, I don’t care whatever you want to do.” I respond. “Okay I will get the attendant and tell her.” he states. “Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight, we are on a journey to Melbourne, Australia. And we should arrive in approximately 16.5 hours. So sit back and relax.”  I sat and thought to myself about this trip, I always got nervous on being on an airplane for a long time, and the fact that I would be in another country for the first time. I have met Luke’s mom before she came to America for each of the boys’ birthdays. But I have never been to Luke’s childhood home. 

  “Stop thinking so much.” Luke whispered into my ear. “How did you know I was thinking?” I asked shocked. “Because you always do this cute thing with your nose when you are thinking really hard.” he said with a smile. “Oh gosh.” I respond quietly. He gives me a slight kiss on the cheek and goes back to browsing his social media. I look out at the window and desperately try to relax my mind but fail miserably. I think my way to sleep.

 I woke up with a sudden urge to pee, I gently shook Luke awake.”Will you please stand up, I have to use the bathroom.” I say urgently. He nods and stands.  In my mind I keep thinking that something terrible is going to happen on this trip, but I shake it off for the sole fact that I don’t want Luke to be worried. 

  I make my way back to the seat next to Luke. As I am about to take a deep breath he leans over and tells me that we will be landing in about a half hour.  ”Great.” I respond with a sweet smile, nudging my head into the crook of his neck. 

 Luke grabbed my hand and helped me up to start the process of getting off the plane. “Don’t forget our bags.” I say sweetly. We walked out of the tunnel and passed the flight attendant. Luke has been in this airport plenty of times so he grabs my hand and leads us to the baggage claim. “Okay we will get our bags and than go get a cab.” he states. I nod in response.

 We pushed our way through the busy airport and finally landed upon the notorious baggage claim. “There, right there!” I say excitedly as I see our bags make their way towards us. We waited at the edge to get easy access to grab our bags. “Okay get ready.” Luke said nudging my arm with his hand. “1, 2, and 3.” I said grabbing and lifting the bag. “Okay next stop getting a cab.” he says smiling. 

 We started off to walk out the doors and suddenly this man comes out of nowhere and shoves me to the ground. Than goes to Luke and punches him, he grabs our bags and takes off running. I sit on the ground watching Luke as he takes off to go find the guy. I get up in a hurry grabbing our backpacks and take off to go find them. 

 I finally find them and Luke is on top of this guy beating the shit out of him, “LUKE, GET OFF HIM.” I say grabbing him by the shoulders. “Stop.” Luke exclaims, than turns to look at me and gives me a sympathetic look. “Go get a security guard.” he yells. 

 I go searching for a guard and find one. “Hurry up you need to come with me.” I say out of breath. “I’m sorry miss I am-” he says “YOU NEED TO COME WITH ME RIGHT NOW!” I scream. He has a look of confusion. I grab his arm and drag him to where I left the the robber and Luke. We arrive and Luke is still on top of him beating the shit out of him. “HEY GET OFF!” the guard yells grabbing Luke off and than grabbing the robber. “We will have to go to the office and have a discussion to find out what is happening here.” the guard explains. 

  Luke starts to walk and I follow him. “Thank you babe, for protecting me. I love you.” I say quietly underneath Luke’s arm. “I will always keep you safe, I love you too.” He replies giving me a kiss on my forehead. 

X - x ~ thank u for the request I had fun making it,(:

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